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About Us

SOS Envios is a company that facilitates the purchase and shipping orders from Brazil to abroad. With SOS Envios you can buy on the Brazilian website of your choice and send your purchases to our warehouse. After that, we will ship your order to you.

General Terms

- Our services consist of receiving parcels and correspondence, sorting, repacking and sending to our customers, when requested;
- SOS Envios provides each customer with an address in Brazil, which includes a unique SUITE number;
- Your SOS Envios address is only for the transport of correspondence and purchases. You are not allowed to use your SOS Envios address for any other purpose, such as creating bank or credit card accounts, creating websites or registering domains on the Internet, etc.;
- SOS Envios is not a carrier. We have no control, nor do we assume any responsibility, for the shipping and transportation of the items, nor any fees charged in the destination country. We also do not guarantee the identity of any member, nor do we guarantee that the recipient will accept the shipment. All Carrier Terms and Conditions (USPS) apply to customer packages shipped by us;
- It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the product can be shipped. The customer must ensure that the contents, size, weight, volume, destination and/or recipient of a package are not subject to the prohibitions or restrictions of the country of origin or the country of destination. SOS Envios does not guarantee the delivery of packages that do not comply with the import regulations of the country of destination or the export regulations of Brazil;
- The customer is solely responsible for declaring the contents of each box and respective values (customs declaration). According to the legislation of the country of destination;
- SOS Envios is not responsible for packages that exceed the size, weight or volume allowed by the carrier. It is your responsibility to ensure that the package we ship to you complies with any size, weight and volume restrictions or prohibitions that apply in the country of origin or destination;
- Customers must ensure that the name, suite number and address are correct in each package sent to SOS Envios;
- SOS shipping includes 1 photo for each order received, a photo of the box received and the item inside. This service is free;
- SOS Envios removes advertisements, inserts, invoices, etc ... that come inside the boxes received for free. This service is free and you must request it when assembling the shipping box;
- The customer has 60 days of free storage from the last item registered in their suite. The storage term is 60 calendar days, always counting from the last item registered in your suite. Example: The customer has an item registered in his suite for 30 days, he makes a new purchase. Once the new item is registered in your suite, the storage term is renewed and there is another 60 days of free storage. Upon completion of the free trial, you will be charged a $1 per day penalty for a maximum period of 30 days. (It is the customer's responsibility to pay attention to the storage period of their products. If they do not contact you for payment of the fine within 30 days after expiration, the items will be auctioned without prior notice to cover storage and operation costs The maximum renewal period for each item is 180 days (6 months) After 180 days of renewal of the same item, the fine of R$1.00 will be charged for each extra day;
- By creating your account on our website, you will authorize SOS Envios, directly or through third parties, to ask any questions we deem necessary to validate your identity;
- Your account may be blocked if proof of ownership is requested and this is not proven by you. If your account is blocked due to an attempt of fraud, all orders you have at SOS Envios will be returned to the stores and/or discarded;
- If the customer refuses to receive your order. SOS shipping only refunds 50% of the shipping cost;
- For shipments over 25KG (kilograms), there will be an additional 65 USD (dollars) if the customer chooses NOT to split in more boxes;
- SOS Envios is not responsible for possible tax and customs charges.

Security And Privacy

On our website you can make payments with complete peace of mind, as we work with a PayPal business account, with a security certificate, ensuring all the necessary security. All information that travels between your computer and our website is encoded using the highest technology available. As soon as we receive your data, we transfer it to PayPal's central, through a secure transmission system. This procedure does not allow third parties to access your personal information and credit card data. All of this for you to have even more comfort and peace of mind when shopping on our website. We have an SSL certificate, which guarantees your safety while browsing our website.


We appreciate the privacy of our users, with the greatest respect for the confidentiality of information obtained through our website. Our commitment is to keep absolutely confidential any and all information about our users, obtained through our website, respecting the exceptions provided for in this policy.

Use of Information

The information you provide will be kept confidential and will only be used to streamline the customer's relationship with SOS Envios. Among other things, we want to help you find the information you need faster on our website and let you know about product updates, special offers, and new store services. All information deemed confidential for the purposes of this policy will be used solely by us for the purpose of improving our relationship with you. Personal and individual information will not be sold or passed on by us to third parties under any circumstances.

Import fees, prohibited products, import documentation, etc.

- The customer is directly responsible for the payment of all taxes and fees that may be charged in the country of destination;
- If you choose to pay for insurance on your shipment, the insurance we pay only covers the shipment of the product to the recipient. If you don't pay for the taxed package, he won't have insurance to return it, so always pay for your taxed orders. If taxation is above normal, value adjustment can be resorted to. Insurance provided by the USPS does not cover unbilled orders. The insurance, when paid, is valid only for cases of theft, loss, theft, among other cases of loss of the order by mail. The insurance does not cover delays in delivering packages;
- Taxed and unsolicited orders that return to us can be reshipped against payment for new shipments and services;
- The customer is responsible for determining and following the clearance rules, including all customs requirements of the destination country;
- The client is responsible for filling out the customs declaration in his SOS Envios account, that is, the client is responsible for the veracity of the information on the customs declarations, for the documentation and for all customs taxes in the country of destination.

SOS Envios Responsibilities

- You are hiring SOS Envios just to receive your boxes in Brazil and ship them to you. SOS Envios' liability is limited to the amount of handling fees (excluding shipping costs);
- The customer must indemnify and exempt SOS Envios from any and all claims, including legal costs in defending third-party claims, for having used the SOS Envios service in an irregular manner;
- SOS Envios is not responsible for any damage, whether for your error or omission in providing false or incorrect information, or for not providing all the necessary information;
- SOS Envios is not responsible for incorrect and/or incomplete addresses provided by the customer. Filling in the shipping address is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the customer, our system prints the labels according to what was filled in by the customer.