Frequently Asked Questions

We will tell you all about SOS Envios and our services!

How do I buy from Brazil?

Well, we can do this in two ways.
1. First, register on our website and after receiving the delivery address, you buy on the website of your choice as if you lived here in Brazil.
2. The second way you can do this is, after completing your registration, send us a list of the items you want, with all the specifications and details. We will give you a quote with all the information and values ​​of the purchase. After your approval, we will make the purchase for you.

How will I know that you received my purchase there in Brazil?

The store you purchased must send you proof of shipping as well as the tracking number for your purchase.

As soon as the store sends you the tracking number, you can tell us that we will monitor it for you. You can follow along and we'll know together when the box arrives at our address.
After we receive each box from you we will send you an e-mail informing you about the receipt, don't worry, we will notify you on the same day that your box arrives.

How soon will I receive my order?

As soon as dispatched to our carrier, within 7 days to anywhere in the world.

What types of packaging are used?

The customer chooses what is most secure for him. Cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, styrofoam, vacuum packaging and etc ...

It is the customer's preference, based on the type of product being shipped.

What is the maximum shipping weight?

Counting the weight of the content + packaging, maximum 40 kilos gross.

If it exceeds, it will be sent in two shipments.

What can happen that prevents my order from arriving?

The only possible impediment is customs embarrassment.
That is, if a product is sent that is prohibited from entering the country.

* SOS Envios is not responsible for this type of impediment.

My order arrived with malfunction, how to proceed?

We ask that whenever your box arrives at your house, that you take pictures of it.
Especially if there is some damage in it. It will serve as evidence for us to open a protocol with the carrier.

Still have doubts?

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